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Energy drives our economies but companies in all parts of the sector face unprecedented challenges:

  • Investment uncertainties
  • Carbon exposure
  • Substitute competition
  • Margin threats
  • Technological changes
  • Tightening combustion emissions limits

How do you develop sensible strategic options, select and implement them in this environment?


Energy Edge offers sustainable strategic and operational advice on energy matters.

Through our core team and network of associates we offer comprehensive specialist knowledge and advice covering all aspects of energy supply and use.

We have particular strength and expertise in the production and use of coal including the impacts of coal on both physical value creation and regional and global environments and social conditions.

Our advice is sustainable as it is consistent with our view that climate change, energy supply constraints, and related economic and social developments are profoundly changing the way energy will be produced, consumed, and valued.


Energy Edge provides some tailored products that will help you understand how changing energy sector challenges will impact your company and allow you to take steps to gain competitive advantage

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June 21, 2016: CoalImp Review of the Year, 2015-2016

May 10, 2016 Policy Briefing: The Paris Climate Agreement and Coal

January 31, 2016: Energy  Edge's Karl Schultz and Linus Adler's Coalmine Methane Study released by European Commission

November 6, 2015 Policy Briefing: Stranded Assets

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May 10, 2016 Policy Briefing: The Paris Climate Agreement and Coal

November 6. 2015 Policy Briefing: Stranded Assets, Investment Decisions, and Energy Markets

October 6, 2014 Policy Briefing:  The Efficiency Trap and other CCS Quandaries

May 2, 2014 Policy Briefing: UK Energy Policy Uncertainties and the Future for Coal


Clean coal, Emissions allowances, Industrial Emissions Directive
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