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Emissions resulting from energy activities are being limited to ever greater extents. While the societal benefits of these efforts are significant, companies now face regulatory constraints and opportunities that must be understood to realize strategies to maintain or gain competitive edge.

Energy Edge offers tailored workshops that highlight the current and future trends in emissions legislation, and how these result in changes in your business environment.

While there are a host of multi-media limits on emissions, broadly speaking the most important emissions regulations break down into constraints on greenhouse gas emissions and other limits on air emissions, especially of SO2, NOx, Mercury, and particulate matter.

While most current and likely future regulations on these emissions are limited to one or a few pollutants, it is also important to understand the whole set of key emissions limits to create the optimal investment, operational and sales strategies.

Emissions cap and trade schemes are becoming more prevalent as a means of cost effectively regulating emissions. The new trading mechanisms mean that a valuable asset is created within regulated companies, and environmental compliance becomes much more of a strategic and financial issue. It is important to understand how they impact the bottom line, and what to do to take advantage of these schemes.

Key elements of emissions workshops include:

  • Causes and dynamics of environmental legislation,
  • Impacts of regulations: both direct and indirect through suppliers and customers,
  • Interplay between different regulations,
  • Opportunities to minimize costs or maximize revenues related to emissions limits,
  • Implications on your competitive position, and suggested approaches to benefit.

For more information on the impact of environmental and climate policy legislation, go to the resources page

To discuss how Energy Edge can design a workshop for your company, contact us at or call us at +44 (0) 207 354 3595.

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