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Climate Adaptation Finance

How will the poorest adapt to climate change? Climate change will impact infrastructure, agricultural production, water resources, human health, and ecosystems with potentially devastating consequences to all these systems. Developing countries, while responsible for a small fraction of historical greenhouse gas emissions, will be hurt the worst.

The United Nations estimates of the costs to adapt to climate change range from $40 to $170 billion per year, but new research indicates costs could be two or three times greater than these figures. To date, resources spent have been tiny and proposals for additional finance are all well below the likely costs.

Climate Adaptation Works has developed a market-based concept that will employ the “polluter pays principle” to have industrialized countries finance adaptation measures in developing countries and gain “vulnerability reduction credits” to offset their historical emissions. Thus, an injustice is redressed in an economically efficient manner that may circumvent cumbersome top-down financing structures.

Feel free to download the below paper that further outlines the basic concept. Let us know if you would like more information on our work and how we can help promote pro-poor adaptation in vulnerable communities:
                        CAW Discussion Paper Climate Adaptation Finance Market Mechanisms
An alternative mechanism with some market elements and advantages is a reverse auction to support adaptation measures.  Matthew Baca has developed such a concept (external link):
And below is a paper by Climate Adaptation Works comparing the two schemes:

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