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The Paris Climate Agreement and Coal: Relevant, but not Definitive

The  Paris  Climate  Agreement  has  been  variously  hailed  as  bringing  about  the  ‘death  of  fossil  fuel’  and alternatively  has  been  called  a  ‘sham’  for  relying on  national  government  promises  without  binding commitments.

It has tremendous importance for all involved in the energy sector, but, considering its call for action (contributions) to be decided and taken at the national level, may be all things to all nations, but not always the same things...more

Stranded Assets, Investment Decisions, and Energy Markets

A new concept has entered the global energy lexicon - stranded assets, or those fossil fuel reserves on the books of resource companies and power producers that must be "left in the ground" in order to avoid a calamitous two-plus degrees of global warming by the end of the century...more

The Efficiency Trap and other CCS Quandaries

Much is said about the promise of increasingly efficient fossil fuel power, and indeed, designs for supercritical, ultra-supercritical, and even advanced ultra-supercritical coal plants are now being implemented...more

UK Energy Policy Uncertainties and the Future for Coal

Last year the UK generated 39% of its electricity from coal; a lower figure than in 2012, but still 30% higher than in 2009. Is this a short term trend, given the UK’s commitment under the legally binding Climate Change Act to reduce emissions 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050, compared to 1990 levels?

Whilst all three of the UK’s main political parties remain committed to decarbonisation...more

Global Confusion, Yes, but Climate Policies are Here to Stay

The climate talks in Warsaw this November did not help much to clarify how international climate policies impacting energy production and use will evolve. A weak emissions allowance market in the EU means EU emitters have little incentive to change practices, and have all but destroyed the global Clean Development Mechanism as a viable mechanism for international climate mitigation finance. 

But overall...more

The Doha Climate Negotiations - What Should Energy Companies Know?

The recently concluded climate talks held in Doha, Qatar were neither inconsequential nor shocking. But no important policy signal emerged to guide energy companies; what matters for now are national/regional policies and how the negotiations progress and (maybe) conclude in 2015 regarding post-2020 targets...more

Regulatory Challenges for Coal in the UK

The UK was, in 2006, the world’s fourth largest coal importer. By 2010 UK had fallen to eighth in world rankings, and in Europe was behind Germany and Turkey. Over this period imports ranged between 49.7 and26.5 million tonnes. 2011 saw a significant recovery in import levels to 31.7 million tonnes, and 36% higher coal burn in the first half of 2012 has been accompanied by a further increase.

But this resurgence will be short-lived...more

Low-CV Coals: Can Consumers Get an Appropriate Discount?

Dwindling economically recoverable resources of high-CV coals and chronic logistical problems have led customers to  to re-evaluate their stance on traded low-CV sub-bituminous coals.

This low-CV trade, however, has not yet seen development of market maturity commensurate with its growth in volume;  potential buyers must rely more upon ad hoc agreements and spot purchases, and there is a danger of overpaying in such circumstances...more

The Cancun Climate Negotiations: What Should Energy  Companies Know?

The 16th Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC meeting in Cancun resulted in the UN’s formal acceptance of the Copenhagen Accord. This can be seen as giving the UN process life as now the Accord is “in the system"... more

Should Companies Plan for Climate Change?

Miners and oil and gas companies might believe they are less vulnerable to climate change impacts compared to hydropower, which may be correct.  But some recent events show their susceptibilities... more

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