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Air Quality Legislation - Changing the Future of European Coal Fired Power

Provisions of the Large Combustion Plants Directive(LCPD) already mean that many 'opted-out' power stations must close before 2016 and 'opted in' stations must meet tighter standards from the same date.

The new Industrial Emissions Directive (IED),  which was approved by the EU in July, 2010,  tightens further the emission limit values for SOx and  removes some of the flexibilities for achieving NOx reduction by reduced running and by trading emissions permits. Although a last-minute deal postponed further power station closures in some countries from 2016 to after 2020, the passage of the new IED raises serious security of supply concerns in the UK, Poland and several other countries in Eastern Europe.

The IED raises a number of key questions and issues for those involved in the European energy supply chain, including what do the new regulations mean and how do different fields and levels of EU regulation interact?  What is the future for suppliers of high SOx or high NOx coals in Europe?  Are there low-cost technical solutions available for power stations to meet the new standards?  Are there new opportunities for coal suppliers to position themselves in the European market? When is action needed to meet the new timelines?

Energy Edge has a team of experts covering all aspects of international coal markets, power station operation and European environmental regulation to analyse these questions and advise on strategic solutions for companies in the sector. Please contact  Nigel Yaxley  for a preliminary chat or to set up a workshop discussion.

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