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The energy sector is undergoing tremendous changes with the introduction of greenhouse gas constraints and an energy market which is becoming less local and more global. As such, old business models for energy businesses need to be replaced by new approaches that capitalize on the new opportunities that now exist. If your company is contemplating, or has decided to develop a new business unit or business offering, Energy Edge has proven experience in helping create the optimal strategies to turn your idea into a reality.

Energy Edge offers your company advice on:

  • Where to go. How can you capitalize on your existing skills, assets, and customer base to create a new offering to compete in the new energy market?
  • How to get there. What business model offers you the appropriate way forward?
  • What are your needs? What skills, investment, and assets are required to succeed.
  • Business plan development. How to turn your business model into a business, secure the appropriate financing and partnerships.
  • Matchmaking. Energy Edge can help you find the appropriate partners: technical, strategic and investment.
  • Business execution. Energy Edge can offer you the support that is so critical in your business’ infancy.

Energy Edge’s breadth of knowledge contacts throughout the energy sector can be a key element in your new business’ success. To discuss how Energy Edge can help you create a winning new business venture, contact us at or call us at +44 (0) 207 354 3595.

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