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World Coal  article by Energy Edge's Nigel Yaxley and  Linus Adler on the future of the European thermal coal market ("Going Downhill?").


World Coal  article by Energy Edge Climate Practice Director Karl Schultz  on the increased risk of disruptions to coal production and logistics due to climate change-induced weather patterns and events

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March 31

Energy Edge Partner Nigel Yaxley Presentation (as Managing Director of the Association of UK Coal Importers) at CoalTrans Geneva - European Regulation and the Physical Coal Market

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March 9

Energy Edge Partner Martin Bloemendal Presentation at CoalTrans India -
Creative Calories: Opportunities and Options for Coal Suppliers and Consumers

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February 21-24

Energy Edge's Martin Bloemendal co-chaired  the 9th Annual Coal Markets Conference in Singapore

January 28

Policy Briefing - The Cancun Negoitiations - What Should Energy Companies Know?

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September 15

Investment Briefing - Should Companies Plan for Climate Change?

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August 16

Policy Briefing - Final Update on the EU IED

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June 23

Policy Briefing - New World Order for Energy?

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June 2

Partner Nigel Yaxley featured in Professional Engineering  article on the Industrial Emissions

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December 21

Policy Briefing -The Copenhagen Climate Talks - What Happened?

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December 11

Policy Briefing -The Copenhagen Climate Conference - Midstream through the Talks, What is Clear?

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November 13

Policy Briefing -The Copenhagen Conference - A Global Imperative Versus National Interests

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June 30

Policy Briefing - The Future of Coal-Fired Power in Europe: Implications of the EU Industrial Emissions Directive

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