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Energy Edge's Product Offerings:

The Energy Edge team has developed a series of structured products to efficiently provide your company with the tools to make informed strategic decisions on how to gain competitive advantage from the key drivers impacting the energy industry today and in the future.

To discuss these offerings and how they may be tailored to meet your company's specific needs, email us or call us at +44 (0) 207 354 3595.

Scenario Planning

To help your company build a strategy for dealing with change, Energy Edge  has teamed up with Decision Strategies International to conduct intensive Scenario Planning processes tailored to your positions within  the energy and power markets.  more...

Expert Witness Consultancy

Energy Edge can provide Expert Witness services, from expert opinion background through in-court testimony

Power Markets Modeling

Working with our customers, we can combine a tool for obtaining the outcomes of possible decisions with the vision to conceive of the decisions which could possibly be made  more...

Fuel Choices - Carbon Exposure Assessment

If you are a fuel supplier or consumer, your market has changed. Limits on greenhouse gas emissions are altering  fuel choices, and  in order to gain competitive advantage, it is critical to understand the dynamics of  carbon exposure more...


Other Products

For further background on many of the issues embedded in these offerings, go to our resources section .


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