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Divestment Uncertainty: Stranded Assets?

For further discussion of the stranded assets issue, please see our recent policy briefing

Over the past year or so, a new concept has entered the global energy lexicon - stranded assets, or those fossil fuel reserves on the books of resource companies and power producers that must be "left in the ground" in order to avoid a calamitous two-plus degrees of global warming by the end of the century.

The concept is a fascinating one in part because it serves as a lens through which so many competing and varied interests can focus their attention.

Those working to mitigate anthropogenic climate change, for instance, see the issue as a clarion call to immediate and sharp regulatory action on a large scale, or as a prompting for institutional divestment efforts mirroring those which have been used to punish undesirable political activity.

Some actors within the energy field itself, on the other hand, see a springboard for discussion and debate on the " triaging" of unstranded hydrocarbon resources: which fuels and energy production modes can still be used, and who will benefit or lose in the process depending on what they do and when they act?

Meanwhile, those in the technology and policy spaces see various opportunities for the encouraging of research-and-development and the growth of new markets. While renewables constituents can point, for instance, to the reduction of marginal cost and increasing market penetration of solar power, others attempt to "refute thusly" the premise underlying the concept of stranded assets by encouraging the development of large-scale carbon capture and storage.

Energy Edge can help you understand the stranded asset debate and how your business may gain competitive advantage by implementing a strategy to manage your assets, stranded or not.

Our experts will work with you to understand your corporate exposure from the various critical lenses of technology futures, pricing of alternative fuels, social and corporate movements towards divestment, and global and domestic climate policies.  We then outline the strategies - technical, asset allocation, investor and public relations, and policy engagement - that will give you an edge.

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