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The energy sector has always been driven by technological developments. Since fire was discovered and harnessed, energy technology has both driven the potential for societies to develop and created new challenges.

The Energy Edge team tracks all the major technological developments in the energy sector, and offers to provide your organization with insights into the strategic implications of current and future technologies.

The Energy Edge offer includes consultations on those technologies impacting your market position. Our approach includes the following steps:

  • One on one discussion of your industry position
  • Preparation of a report that considers the various technologies impacting your investments, sales, and fuel purchase decisions.
    • Technological drivers
    • Improvements in efficiencies and deliverability
    • Environmental constraints of different fuels and pollution control technologies
    • Future drivers impacting technological development
    • Competitive position of different technologies and potential winners and losers
    • Impact of technologies on fuel choice.
  • An interactive workshop or workshop series to present the findings of the report and equip your management to realize the best strategies to advance competitive advantage.

For more information on technology change impacts, go to the resources page.

To discuss how Energy Edge can help you understand technology changes impacting your company, contact us at or call us at +44 (0) 7928 759 874.

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