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Climate Vunerability Assessment

Assessing the impacts of climate change is a challenging, site-specific task that integrates  climate modeling, local "asset" evaluation, and modeling/evaluation of the key likely changes in social, environmental, physical, and health conditions.  This work can be done for private businesses, local, regional, and national governments, and community groups.

One of the key challenges is assessing vulnerability in a manner that reflects your situation and values.  Private companies may be interested primarily in costing the likely effects of climate changes on its assets, and assessing this around different risk parameters.  Alternatively, companies may find that a broader perspective that considers not only asset impacts, but also how customers will be impacted and how this changes demand and logistics.

Governments and community groups may also wish to understand financial costs, but their perspective may also be to include impacts on different communities from a non-economic perspective.  Some impacts can only be qualitatively understood but are nonetheless important.  How do you measure the “cost” of reduced biodiversity, or destruction of an important cultural, historical, or spiritual site?  These are issues that cannot be ignored; but rather require that deep analysis and communication of values be presented to the impacted communities; presented in a way so that they can best understand the impacts and ways that non-quantitative “assets” may be valued.

Climate Adaptation Works may, depending on the project, employ existing or commission new climate modeling runs for the target region, and use state-of-the-art integrated assessment models along with consulting with the client and local and international experts.

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